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Actively Seasonal

Posted Nov 15 2010 10:26am
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

The climate is shifting and some parts of the U.S. has already gotten significant snow fall. What does that mean for our bicycling and running days? How will we get the activity we need if we can't go to the gym?

Some people don't even have a gym membership...then what should they do?

If you are in the snowy region and feeling trapped by the snow then how about embracing the white stuff and go sledding, skiing, or even ice skating?

It's important to adjust activities to the climate. Your body is used to being outside in the summer months, so continue to breathe fresh air.

By staying inside more often, you could increase your chances of acquiring asthma or breathing problems. Why? Because you are breathing stale air (with the windows shut) and no circulation. With no circulation, you are more apt to breathe in what's inside the rugs, curtains, and even couch.

Even to go mall walking once or twice a week will get your activity level up and you will still be getting away from the home environment for a while.

When you are outdoors running or even skiing, you may not feel like wearing heavy winter clothes and other attire. That's okay, just dress in layers and wear a pair of gloves that are warm enough but you can still use your fingers for ski poles, or iPod adjusting.

The first thought that usually pops into our heads once we feel that brisk, cold air is "It's COLD out there! I can't walk in the cold," but if you properly warm up and get walking/running when the sun is highest then you will be very warm once you get going in your chosen activity.

Get out there while the sun is highest and make the most of your day. Go out during lunch and take even a longer stroll or jog on the weekends. You can do it!
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