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Accupuncture for Herniation in Neck

Posted by Cathy W.

I have a large herniation in C-6 and C-7 in my neck. It is so painful. I've been dealing with it since the end of April. I'm doing physical therapy twice a week and just finished a course in the epidural steroid injections every two weeks apart for 3 injections.

My pain is better but still not 100% by any means. My neurosurgeon thinks my only option is spine surgery which is not even on my radar screen to do.

I live in a small town and we only have two accupuncturists. My questions are: What are your thoughts and feedback on accupuncture for my neck herniation after the injections bringing me some relief but not entirely? Also, how do you know what accupuncturist is best? Our insurance, of course, won't cover it but it is worth it if it would help. My options are limited as far as a selection of an accupuncturist. I was wondering how you could tell between two.

Thanks so much for your help.

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