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About ‘Yin and Yang’….

Posted Jan 18 2010 7:24am

Translated from blog post at

Yin and Yang’ is a philosophical issueand also a technological issue.

Yin and Yang’ is one of the important contents of Traditional Chinese cultures. ‘She’ is also one of the basic theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

My own experiences and understandings on Yin Yang started from the course of “Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine”when I studied in university. After graduationI had in-depth study following my mentor for many years. And from hereI had chance to get contact with predictable sciencefeng shuiBuddhism and Taoism and so on… I thought that I could consider that I had already knew well about the study of ‘Yin and Yang’. Butup until teachings from my respectful teachersthen I suddenly come to realize my inadequacy. I was like a frog at the bottom of a wellwith narrow view. I was like hardworking cattletrapped on the mountainnot aware of the vast of sea.

‘Yin and Yang’ is the law of universe. It’s a universal truth and guideline of nature.

Yin and Yangblack and whitegood and evillife and death…

My understanding on ‘Yin and Yang’ had never been so deep. I felt as real as it is now. Sometimesit also came along with a bit of fear.

Human beings have a common problemi.e. seeing is believing. Everything is about evidenceparticular about “Scientific proof”. Human beings usually adopt attitudes of suspectrefuseand slander towards things that cannot be seen. I am also a human. I toohad the same idea before.

But… along the process of learningI had truly experienced and realized what YinYang iswhat time tunnel iswhat’s in the absent of space-time…

I had deeply felt the threatening and harms from Darkness and evilsexperiencing the fear of death. I also had chance to witness people who were unmoved when facing death. I also realized the devoid of humanity…

Recalled back what I had studied for more than a yearI came to realize…

What I seewhat I hear is not necessarily be real; What cannot be seen does not mean that it does not exist!

Yin Yang is the core concept of I-Ching. It is the important part of Traditional Chinese cultures. It is not from civilization of earthbut from another world!

Do not suspect the authenticity and accuracy of I-Ching 《易经》 and The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon 《黄帝内经》. As for study and learningthere is not just only book not only teachers. The important is about intuition. The answer is always in heart.

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