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A Youth Empowered is Success Bound

Posted Apr 12 2011 11:41pm
This post will be slightly different from my previous one or perhaps not. I'll let you be the judge! One of my first careers, (oh, I've had a few), was a grade school teacher. The experience was rewarding till I had a class of 40 children from the inner city where there were major behavior problems and general apathy among the students.

I was a student teacher then, yet I noticed that some of the senior teachers were stressed out teaching this temporary class of mine. There was no help then....yet the students did not show violence toward the teacher. Fast Forward to 2011 and some teachers might remark that it has become worse. They feel helpless as many of the psychotherapies don't seem to work. Ritalin appears to be working but how many of the teachers realize the side-effects of Ritalin??

So what do we do?  Well, teachers and parents, there is hope. I have used some of RET to help
youth who are hyperactive, with ADD and other issues. It has been effective. Just like adults are negatively affected by anxiety, fear, anger, stress and panic, so are the children of all ages. The symptoms children show are slightly different from adults. Now with the right tools, solutions, it is a joy to work with children again. and they are happy, too when they find out how to use these tools to be calm, in control and get wonderful results. Recently this is what a client in grade 3 commented of the session. " It is fun to work with PC." (3rd grader)

I will be presenting workshops to  teachers' associations and parents' council upon request. The programs that are geared to the youth are  A. Empowering Students - a comprehensive package  B. Anxiety Busters.
More on these programs on the next post.

PC Nicholas
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