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A Nutrient for Natural Cancer Immunity

Posted May 11 2010 7:09am

Who Ever Heard of Burning Cancer Out of Your Body?

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It was a stunning discovery.

Grad students conducted what they thought would be a routine experiment. They applied ubiquinone, also known as Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), to a culture of the deadly skin cancer known as melanoma. When they returned to the lab the next day, they were shocked to find that almost all of the cancer cells in the culture were dead.

The results were so striking that they questioned their procedure. The experiment was carefully repeated and each time the results were the same. 1

How could CoQ10, a compound that occurs naturally in the body, be such an effective weapon against cancer? With no harm to normal tissue!

A Miracle Nutrient

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant and cell energizer. Despite that, the government doesn’t have a recommended daily intake for it. But Dr. Al Sears says it is the one supplement he takes every day, without fail.

It would be crazy not to in view of all the things this nutrient can do. It is well known to protect the heart and brain – and now it is proving to be a powerful cancer fighter.

There are a couple of factors at work here. As an antioxidant, CoQ10 protects cells from free radical damage. That helps prevent cancer from developing. It also boosts the immune system, which helps the body destroy cancer cells naturally. 2

The problem is, our bodies make less coenzyme Q10 as we age. Just when we could use more of it! And if you take statin drugs to lower cholesterol, your blood levels of CoQ10 drop by 50%.3 Beta blockers have a similar effect.

That’s a downward spiral you need to avoid.

Big Pharma Plays on Your Fears…

The word Cancer is one of the most frightening in the English language. First, because it is a disease that seems beyond our control. And second, it conjures up images of devastation. Radiation… chemotherapy… nausea… hair loss. Toxic treatments that are not very effective…

In fact, one investigation looked into the 5-year survival rate of adults on chemotherapy. The shocking result? A mere 2.1% - 2.3%.4 Not a good return on the terrible expense and hideous suffering that chemo inflicts.

And consider that the average chemotherapy can run as high as $300,000 to $1,000,000 per year. That’s tremendous profits for the medical establishment.5

Big Pharma giant Pfizer has actually switched its focus to developing cancer drugs. In the past, Pfizer specialized in heart drugs that patients could take for years on end. But with the patent on Lipitor about to expire, they’ll be losing revenue. So they’ve brought on about 1000 researchers to develop cancer drugs.6

Other pharmaceutical companies are doing the same. The drug Tarceva, at a cost of $3500 a month, was approved to treat pancreatic cancer because it improved survival by 12 days…

Erbitux, a treatment for colorectal cancer, costs $10,000 a month. The average length of treatment per patient runs $50,000 – and extends life by about one and a half months compared to no treatment at all…7

With profits like that at stake, why would mainstream medicine tell you about an inexpensive, un-patentable cancer preventive and treatment like CoQ10?

REVEALED: The sinister syndrome behind 3 out of 4 cancer deaths!

A monumental discovery reveals that cancer isn’t what kills most cancer patients. Some of the world’s top research facilities agree–cancer’s cunning weapon for killing its victims has been exposed.

And there is GREAT news–disarming cancer of this deadly trick is shockingly simple and effective!

Discover the secret weapon doctors and researchers are using to cut off cancer’s most deadly weapon. Read on .

The Promising Results…

Let’s take a look at some studies involving CoQ10…

32 women in Denmark, who had breast cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes, took supplemental vitamin C, vitamin E with selenium, essential fatty acids and 90mg of CoQ10 per day for 18 months. None of the patients developed any further spread of the cancer. All reported an improvement in quality of life. The expected death rate during the study was four patients, however, there were zero deaths. In six of the women, the tumors grew smaller. In two of those six, the CoQ10 dose was raised. After one to three months, both women had no detectible tumors.8

In a follow-up study by the Denmark researchers, 3 breast cancer patients were tracked for 3 to 5 years while being given high doses of CoQ10. One patient, whose cancer had spread to the liver, experienced a full remission. The second had a remission of cancer that had spread to the chest wall. The third no longer showed any signs of breast cancer.9

Researchers in Rome looked for ways to boost immune system activity in patients with malignant melanoma. They noticed that most patients had low levels of CoQ10. This led to adding 400mg/day of CoQ10 to the regular treatment drug after the patients had the melanoma surgically removed. They followed the patients for five years. None of the patients withdrew from the study due to side effects. All of them experienced a much greater reduced rate of recurrence than the control group.10

Boosting Natural Immunity…

What if you or one of your loved ones is already challenged by cancer? The good news is that researchers are exploring that situation as well. Knowing that CoQ10 is a proven energy booster, they experimented to see if it would help patients fight cancer at the cellular level. Remarkably, CoQ10 was able to restore the antioxidant levels of cells to normal values. This helped prevent the production of new cancer cells and suppressed tumor activity.11

CoQ10 is regularly used to reduce the effects of chemotherapy. Researchers at the University of Texas examined data for a 25 year period – clear back in 1993 – to document cancer survival rates in response to CoQ10 therapy. They found that immune function was generally improved. They also discovered 10 cases of “unexpected survival” of cancer patients treated with CoQ10.

The same Texas research group has since demonstrated that most cancer patients have much lower blood levels of CoQ10 than healthy people.12 Naturally, their further studies will include ways to increase levels of CoQ10.

Embracing Natural Solutions…

It’s not only frustrating, it’s tragic that human clinical trials with CoQ10 and its effect on preventing and treating cancer are so slow to be embraced. There are certainly enough preliminary studies to show that trials need to be conducted.

You have to wonder if the medical system has truly declared “war on cancer.” This war has been waging for decades. And somehow, inexpensive, non-toxic substances like CoQ10 are largely ignored.

Meanwhile, the new cancer drugs being developed are ever more expensive and ever more toxic. It appears that the medical system has been hijacked by Big Pharma in the name of profits.

But there are effective, inexpensive methods you can use to protect yourself. Ways to strengthen your body, not weaken it. Coenzyme Q10 is high on the list of natural cancer preventives and cancer cell killers. And with no side effects, it is a nutrient you can trust your health to.

[Ed. Note: Why do doctors insist on poisoning cancer patients when there are much safer and effective alternatives? Chemotherapy is a killer that doesn’t even work well. There’s a way to burn cancer out of your body that is 14 times more effective. Click here now to read more …]


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