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A New Attitude Changing ...

Posted Jul 01 2009 6:39pm

A New Attitude

Changing your general attitude or outlook on life is not a simple task, but it does not need to be overwhelming.  Luckily, the first step is easy!
First, identify what positive shift in thinking and/or feeling you want to create.  Do you want to be happier, more calm, less stressed, more confident, more capable?
Next, make this statement to yourself: I am (fill in the blank).  For example, my statement for the week is “I am worry-free.”  Remember to focus on what you are (I am forgiving) instead of what you are not (I am not _________).
Now that you have your statement, pick the best time of the day to say it to yourself.  Perhaps you are a once a day-er.  For example, you can say your statement to yourself when you wake up or as you go to bed at night.  Perhaps multiple times a day work for you:  every time you use the restroom, every time you eat during the day, or every time you turn a light switch on or off.
The reason this small step works is that it focuses your mind and intention on the positive change you want to make.  It may seem like this simple exercise could not possibly make a dent in your day to day attitude; however, over time this small step grows into a real change in thinking and feeling!
When we are making our statement we are tapping into our unlimited creative power and giving ourselves permission to change in a positive way; and we are creating room in our lives, our thoughts, and our feelings to let this change occur.

Have a wonderful week!

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