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A Message of Hope ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:40pm
A Message of Hope

A Farmer's Heart

The season of abundance, the harvest time is here. And always with the harvest comes the memory of my dad's fall ritual. I can still see him moving from the hayloft to the grain bins to the corn silo to the root cellar in a kind of harvest ritual. I do not know what he was thinking for sure, but it seemed an inventory of sorts. A kind of acceptance and gratitude walk. As he and his beloved land prepared for the quiet time of winter, it was as if he came to terms with what was - the good and the not so good, the successes and the failures.

It is a good time, this soulful harvest season, to take a soul-searching walk of our own. Surrounded by the obvious generosity of the earth and the abundance of the universe, we can fill ourselves up with gratitude for all that we have - health and home, people who love us and who are loved by us, work that fulfills us and contributes to the good of all, and so much more.

And then there comes acceptance. With every harvest season comes the acceptance of the full bins and the empty bins, the seeds that were planted in hope but did not thrive...not this time. For some of us acceptance may be about a field of dreams laid waste by the killer frost of illness, or job loss, or divorce, or death of a loved one. The altogether unpredictable elements of wind and weather and all that Mother Nature can bring sometimes leave us with empty hearts. But it is in the gratitude of what is, and the acceptance of what is not to be, that a new hope for what will be is born.

The harvest ritual complete, my dad and Mother Nature shook hands and agreed to give it a go the next year. Talk turned to "in the spring" and his farmer's heart of hope settled in to incubate new hopes and dreams for the planting seasons to come.

May each of you find your farmer's heart. Take a walk of gratitude and acceptance. Come to terms with what is and what is not to be. Then settle in to live and love and plan another crop of hopes and dreams for a spring which will surely be there.
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