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A diet to beat acne

Posted Oct 19 2010 11:59pm

Everyone wants to make sure that their appearance reflects the person they really are inside – and what you eat shows up in your skin. Sure, your hormones affect your skin, but you can make a positive difference in your acne treatment by choosing foods that promote great skin. Here’s your diet to beat acne

Avoid sugar in all its forms: Soft drink, sugar in your cuppa, cakes, biscuits, pastries, honey, maple syrup, fruit straps. Rigorously examine the nutrition label of every packet you pick up off the supermarket shelf. If it contains more than 5g of sugar per 100g, put the packet back on the shelf. Sugar helps promote inflamed skin.

Minimise your alcohol and caffeine intake – its hard on your liver, and will become evident in your skin very quickly. 

Stay away from white flour products: cakes, pastries, pies, bread.

Avoid highly processed foods. They’re easy to pick – the label will list the multitude of preservatives and additives with many numbers.

Change the source of your protein. You need the high density of vitamins and minerals in meat – but choose seafood and kangaroo more often; chicken, pork, eggs and lamb a little less, and avoid sausages, bacon and processed meats like salami.

Chow down on greens. Plan to base one meal of your day on a green leafy salad. The other meal should contain some cooked or raw green vegetables too.

Make yourself a green smoothie as a snack: one glass of water, one banana, and a handful of baby spinach leaves. I promise that you won’t taste the spinach! 

Minimise your dairy intake. Two serves a day is enough; ‘One serve’ is 100g yoghurt, or one cup of milk. Avoid cheese and butter, you don’t need the saturated fat.

Enjoy two pieces of fresh raw fruit every day.

Include legumes in your diet almost every day – they will provide you with lots of fibre to bind toxins and carry them out of your system.

Drink plenty of pure water – two litres every day.

Avoid deep fried foods like hot chips, burgers, potato crisps. The heavy saturated fat content will promote inflammation in your skin. Remember that a pizza-based diet promotes a pizza-like skin. Clean diet = clearer skin.

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