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9 Common Drugs That Every Diabetic Should Avoid Mixing With Their Medication

Posted Jun 24 2009 12:13pm
Are you a diabetic,taking multiple types of drugs at the same time? Recent studies have shown that diabetics on average take up to six types of different medications at once and this does not include their diabetic medications. Unfortunately, when these drugs are mixed together many people have extremely bad reactions to them and are often hospitalized.

A large number of common medications that diabetics use, especially high blood pressure medications, can sometimes cause a diabetic condition that would not have existed had the drugs not been taken in the first place.

Below is a list of common drugs and the risks they may have if you are a diabetic:

Beta Blockers: Beta-blockers, such as Lopressor (metoprolol), Tenormin (Atenolol), and Inderal (propanolol), have been known to reduce the release of insulin.

Minoxidil: Minoxidil, a direct vasodilator, has a tendency to raise blood glucose levels.

Thiazide Diuretics: Thiazide diuretics include such drugs as Diuril(Chlorothiazide), Zaroxolyn (Metolazone), and Oretic(Hydrochlorothiazide), and is known to raise glucose levels due to its effect it has on causing the loss of potassium.

Calcium channel blockers: Calcium channel blockers, which are prescribed for Hypertension,management of Angina include such drugs as Calan (Verapamil), Adalat(Nifedipine),and Norvasc(Amlodipine), and is known to reduce the secretion of insulin.

Oral contraceptives: Although current oral contraceptives seem to be safe, the older versions were known to have caused hypoglycemia when estrogen doses were taken at higher than normal doses.

Corticosteroids: Even though corticosteroids can be used as a topical solution, it has a tendency to raise blood glucose levels.

Niacin: Niacin, which is a very common B vitamin and is suggested to lower cholesterol, it has been known to result in a hyperglycemic tendency within a person that has diabetes.

Thyroid hormone: When levels of thyroid hormones are elevated, blood glucose levels are raised because of the reduction of insulin coming from the pancreas.

Diphenylhydantoin: The common name for this drug is called Dilantin which is recommended to people to help control seizures. However, it also blocks the release of insulin.
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