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7 Essential Supplements During Menopause

Posted Apr 27 2010 5:46am

Menopause is the time during a woman’s life when her period stops, and her body and hormone levels start to change drastically. Some women can breeze right through menopause without missing a beat, while others suffer through it a great deal – often for several years. You can make the transformation and process easier on your body, however, if you take the right supplements during menopause.

7 Essential Supplements During Menopause

When to Start Taking Supplements During Menopause

Hopefully, you’ve been taking supplements long before menopause begins, but the right time to start taking supplements for menopause is not when your doctor has confirmed that you are in menopause. Instead, you should start taking supplements when you feel that you are near the first stages of menopause, as this will make the bodily processes easier.

The Seven Most Important Supplements for Menopause

  1. Calcium – Calcium is essential during menopause because your bones will become more brittle due to the hormone changes. Additionally, we know that calcium helps with night sweats and hot flashes, and can also reduce stress.
  2. Vitamin E – Vitamin E is essential for good skin. It is also vital for hot flashes and night sweats, and will give you more energy as well.
  3. Vitamin C – Because of the lack of estrogen and collagen, Vitamin C can be used to help the skin retain more elasticity. It is also beneficial for hot flashes and can help alleviate dryness in the vagina as well.
  4. Vitamin D – Vitamin D is essential to help the body absorb calcium that you get from food and supplements.
  5. Vitamin K – Vitamin K helps to make the bones stronger, and will help to prevent osteoporosis. This is vital during menopause, as osteoporosis does become a greater risk.
  6. Magnesium – Like Vitamin D, Magnesium is also essential for helping the body to properly absorb calcium.
  7. Vitamin B – Vitamin B has been proven to relieve stress and to reduce instances of depression and anxiety.

Talking to Your Doctor About Menopause Supplements

When you visit your doctor, make sure that he or she knows that you intend to take supplements to ease the symptoms of menopause. He or she may have special recommendations or dosages for you, and there may be some supplements that you need to avoid, due to other health concerns. For example, women who have Thyroid Disease must be very careful concerning calcium supplements – the most needed supplements of all during menopause.

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