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5 Ways Ayurveda Might Cramp Your Style

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:04pm

ayurveda might cramp your style 1.  Ayurveda might advise you to stop eating your favorite foods.

Ayurveda teaches that you are what you eat. Most people are in their current health predicament to a large extent because of their diet. Suppose you love spicy food and you pour hot sauce on your eggs at breakfast. You might also experience heartburn and tend to get frustrated easily.  Ayurveda would advise you to avoid spicy and greasy foods in order to decrease heat ( Pitta ) in your body. Who wants to be told that? Maybe people don't want to hear that they are causing their own suffering, but if you're really looking to get healthy, you have to acknowledge that your daily diet might have something to do with how you're feeling.

2.  Ayurveda tells you to stop eating at night.

For a lot of people, dinner is their largest meal of the day. It's fun to go out to dinner with friends and have dinner parties. Eating together is an important social activity. But Ayurveda teaches that our digestive fire is lowest at night after the sun has gone down, and that food eaten after dark doesn't get assimilated very well. This leads to weight gain, elimination problems, and many other health imbalances. Many people will even admit that if they eat dinner too late, they don't sleep well or their stomach gets upset. Yet the habit of eating late is too hard for most people to want to give up. There's almost no way this one is going to go over very well.
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