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5 Superfoods That Relieve Arthritis Pain

Posted May 07 2010 3:00am
By Jim Healthy 05/07/2010

Tired of Trying to Keep Track of Everything You’re
Supposed to Be Scared Of?

The Big C. Heart attacks. Strokes. Fatigue. Aging. Arthritis… You know they’re out there, they’re killers, and they have too many causes to count…

But if you had to worry about them all, you’d end up a paranoid ball of stress.  That’s no way to go through life.

Wouldn’t it relieve the stress if you knew you had powerful, quick, and effective treatment at hand if and when you ever have to face these major health issues?

Read on to learn how a private natural health research team can give you exactly that…

If you suffer from arthritis, you’ve certainly heard all about the latest wonder drugs and surgical procedures that can be used to “cure” you.  But you’re not fooled, are you?  We all know that the medical industry will never find the “silver bullet” for arthritis and other diseases of inflammation.  The best that painkillers can do is temporarily mask your pain, while impeding your body from producing new cartilage in your aching joints.  Surgeries are not the quick fix that they’re touted as, either; they’re accompanied by a host of potential complications, and they’re extremely expensive!

Sadly, what you don’t hear much about is the healing power of food.  Here are five superfoods that will quell your arthritis pain better than you ever thought possible:

[Ed. Note: A health writer and researcher for 35 years, Jim Healthy developed the world’s first non-drug, non-surgical “arthritis healing protocol” that combines the top clinically-proven remedies into a step-by-step plan that multiplies their therapeutic benefits to stop the destruction of the joins and activate their repair. Click here to read more about his amazing discovery.

Plus, get the scoop on working “miracle” cures. Even the health gurus have something to learn about heart disease, cancer, and weight loss.  Get all the details – before your doctor! – from a privately funded team of sleuthing health researchers… Click here to learn about breakthrough cures for everything from heart disease to cancer.]

World’s Greatest Way to End Arthritis Pain!

What’s the surest way to END arthritis pain in your joints and spine? Orthopedic doctors say, “joint replacement surgery.”

But now you can get the same pain-halting, arthritis-reversing results by replacing the damaged CARTILAGE that’s causing the trouble, instead of the entire joint.

And it doesn’t involve surgery or even a doctor’s visit. Click here to learn more.

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