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5 Key Things to Look Out For in Reiki Insurance

Posted Apr 28 2010 5:46am

Because Reiki is a practice where you actually lay your hands on another human being, it is vital to understand that you would do well to have liability insurance, if you are a Reiki Practitioner, regardless of whether your state requires it or not. There are always advantages to being insured, and there are certain things that you should look for when purchasing Reiki Insurance for your practice.

5 Key Things To Look Out For in reiki insurance

Why You Need Reiki Insurance

As long as there is a court system, people will sue other people and businesses for a wide range of reasons. This is the main reason that you need Reiki Insurance. You can be sued, regardless of whether you have done anything wrong or made any mistakes, and your insurance will protect you in the event that you are sued and you lose the case.

5 Key Things to Look for in Reiki Insurance

  1. You need malpractice insurance. Malpractice insurance is not the same as liability insurance. Some suits will fall under malpractice, while others will fall under liability, and you need insurance to cover both instances.
  1. You need liability insurance for your services. Often, liability insurance is offered, and malpractice insurance isn’t offered or mentioned. Make sure that you ask about both.
  1. You need insurance for your place of business. The insurance that covers you in the event that your practice causes someone harm does not cover your physical place of business. You need separate property insurance in case a client slips and falls.
  1. The insurance should cover all styles of Reiki that you practice. Not all insurance covers all styles or elements of the reiki practice. Make absolutely sure that you are covered for everything that you will do in your practice. The insurance should additionally cover harm that may come from any products that you sell as well – whether they are your own or someone else’s.
  1. Is the insurance dependable and affordable? Insurance through a company that often balks at paying claims isn’t worth much. Make sure that the insurance is offered through a reliable, stable company, and that it is affordable for your business.

Shopping for Reiki Insurance

The best place to purchase Reiki Insurance is through an organization, where with your membership, you will be eligible for group rates. For this, you should check with the International Reiki Association, or the International Association of Reiki Professionals. You can also obtain Reiki insurance through several massage therapy associations as well, if you are eligible for membership through those organizations.

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