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5 Common Diseases Caused by Smoking

Posted Mar 22 2010 2:42am

We have enough evidence to know that smoking is unhealthy, but even with that evidence millions of people refuse to kick the habit. It may be easier to get that particular monkey off your back if you have a clearer picture of the 5 common diseases caused by smoking.

5 Common Diseases cause by smoking

The Most Common Disease Caused by Smoking

The most common disease that smoking causes is cancer. Many people mistakenly think that only lung cancer is caused by smoking, but this is not correct. Many different types of cancer can be brought on by smoking tobacco, or from inhaling second hand smoke.

Fatal Diseases Caused by Smoking

Naturally, cancer can be fatal – and often is, but there are other conditions that smoking causes which are also fatal. One such disease is Asthma. Most people don’t realize that Asthma can indeed be fatal – rescue inhalers don’t always do the trick.

Another fatal disease that is caused by this bad habit is stroke. A stroke may not initially kill you – or it may – but if it doesn’t, it definitely shortens your life, and of course changes the quality of your life as well.

Additional respiratory problems that are caused by smoking include Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD. You may continue smoking because you enjoy it. Inhaling that smoke and exhaling it relaxes you. You might ask yourself how relaxing or enjoyable it is going to be when you can’t pull in a good breath of air at all, including cigarette smoke.

Non-Fatal Diseases Caused by Smoking

Surprisingly, there is a non-fatal problem that is caused by smoking, although few people realize it. Smoking can contribute to impotence issues in men. This is because nicotine narrows the arteries significantly, and in order to get an erection, blood must be able to flow through the arteries efficiently.  In terms of smoking blocking arteries, too many people think this only pertains to the arteries that lead to the heart, and never consider the other important arteries in the body.

In the end, you have to ask yourself, honestly, if the potential health issues related to smoking are worth it. If you believe that they are, you might want to take time out to visit someone who is currently suffering from one of these diseases caused by smoking, to get a better sense of the consequences, and just how those consequences affect your life – or your ability to stay alive.

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