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4 ways to Add Spinach to Your Diet

Posted Sep 08 2008 5:21am

We’ve already established that spinach is good to avoid over eating.

On top of that spinach has fantastic health benefits.
Spinach is a good source of:

But that’s not all.

More Health benefits of spinach:

  1. 50g a day gives you plenty of magnesium which is great for blood circulation.
  2. Vitamin K which is believed to promote healthy bones.
  3. 200 grams covers 15 % for you RDI of dietary fibers which promotes prevents constipation and lowers blood cholesterol.
  4. The dark green color is chlorophyll which prevents skin and liver cancer.

    So it is concluded, spinach is very healthy food.
    You can use frozen spinach it is definitely a lot better than not using spinach at all but when you can use fresh spinach. Frozen spinach will for example contain less antioxidants.

    Here are 4 ways to add super healthy spinach to your diet:

  1. Cook with spinach. Try for example a this spinach stuffed solerecipe or a spinach lasagna.
  2. Make a salad with spinach. here is a apple-spinach salad a strawberry spinach salad or why not a chicken spinach salad.
  3. Use spinach for a healthy snack. Make a spinach dip and dip fresh vegetables in it.
  4. Add spinach to your bread. You can add spinach to you favorite breadrecipe. On your bread use spinach and basil butter.

How to make spinachbread:

  1. Pick your favorite breadrecipe.
  2. Put 100g of fresh, clean baby spinach in a pan.
  3. Add some salt, pepper and 1 teaspoon of oil and cook.
  4. Then squeeze out extra water from the spinach with your hands.
  5. Mix spinach into the fluids (water, milk, yogurt) in your breadrecipe.
  6. Now follow your breadrecipe as usual.

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