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15 Winning Tips to Help You Lose Weight Fast!

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:24pm
Want to lose weight fast? These diet tips will help you lose 10 pounds of fat easily. diet tips. A key point is having the right kind of snacks sitting around. Avoid the sugar and fat laden ones and opt for things like fresh fruit and vegetables. You really can get used to snacking on healthy foods!

If you’re just starting and looking to lose that first 10 pounds or maybe you’re working on that last stubborn 10 pounds. When you just feel like you’re stuck and not making any progress, these ideas can help you jumpstart your plan.This plan is balanced and flexible enough to stick to and not make you feel like it’s a big sacrifice to lose weight. You can stay on this program as long as you want.

1. Make a food diary of what you eat and drink each day. Keep track of how much you ate without worrying too much about an exact calorie count. The idea is to make you more aware of what you are eating and help you plan to eat healthier meals and snacks.

2. Help fill up with two servings of fruit every day. These can serve for desert or snacks. Fresh fruit in season can be very tasty..

3. At least once a week make plans for a dinner and one other meal with no meat or cheese. You can have vegetables, whole grains and beans which will add fiber and reduce fat

4. Cut the amount of fats you are eating in half. Cook with half the amount of oil in the pan. Use half the butter you usually spread on your toast. Salad dressings and mayonnaise should be cut in half. Ladle half the amount of gravy or sauce on. You get the idea.

5. Make a habit of drinking lots of water and replacing soda pop, juice, or alcohol with water. The sweet taste of diet soda makes you crave sugar,so avoid drinking it. A refreshing drink to try is lemon in hot water.

6. Slow down when you eat. Give your body time to realize that it’s had enough to eat. If you eat fast it’s all too easy to eat too much before you feel full..

7. Cut back the amount of red meat, eggs and nuts to a few times a week and not every day. For a protein source at meals include lower fat items like fish, chick bean, low fat yogurt and the like.

8. Try limited sugary treats to three times a week. Cake, ice cream, cookies, other desserts and pastries to name a few

9. It is fairly easy to choose a lower fat version of milk. Just changing from whole milk to 2% helps reduce the fat you drink. Lower fat cheese and yogurt will also help – just watch out for yogurt

10. Foods that you spend a bit of time chewing are a good choice. You’ll increase fiber and feel more satisfied. For example, choose fruit over fruit juice. Raw vegetables over cooked.

11. Eat at least two servings of vegetables at lunch and dinner. Don’t be stingy – fill up with more if you still feel hungry.

12.Eating in front of the television is a no-no. It’s been proven that people eat more while they watch TV. Most likely we don’t pay enough attention to what we are eating.

13. Instead of snacking on a whole carrot, try grating it. It is actually more filling than a whole one!

14 .Find ways to add whole grains to your diet wherever you can. Fiber from the grains will not only help your digestion, but make you feel fuller.

15. Do not make yourself wait to eat until you are really hungry – you’re more apt to grab that bag of chips or cookies. Also, plan to shop smart and stick to it. Shopping when you are hungry is a really bad idea, so have a healthy and filling snack before you go.

These commonsense ideas are all fairly easy and painless ways to lose weight fast.

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