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100 things to prevent Alzheimer's and age-related memory loss

Posted Jan 04 2011 4:08pm
Jean Carper has revealed in her book 100 SIMPLE THINGS YOU CAN DO TO PREVENT ALZHEIMER'S AND AGE-RELATED MEMORY LOSS (prophylactic for Alzheimer's)

Among the steps that she advocated that can help people getting on in age in preventing them from catching the dreaded Alzheimer's and age-related memory loss are
1. Ask questions about anesthesia.
2. Don't shy away from antibiotics
3. Control bad cholesterol
4. Have your eyes checked
5. Surf the Internet
6. Drink juices of all kinds
7. Don't be lonely
8. Embrace marriage
9. Take care of your teeth
10. Put vinegar in everything

Rudolph Tanzi PhD, a renowned Alzheimer's genetics researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital Boston has pointed his fingers at a widely used anesthetic isoflurane referring to many reported cases of postsurgical cognitive problems and irreversible memory loss

There are many stories of people with Alzheimer's becoming lucid after taking antibiotics. However the effects stopped on stopping the antibiotics so it is not a permanent solution.

Studies by reasearchers at Kaiser Permanente's Division of Reearch and the University of Kuopio has 40 years of data on 20,000 men and women which shows high total cholesterol is a harbinger of dementia

People with good or excellent vision has 63% less chances of getting dementia according to a study at the University of Michigan Health System. Your eyes influences the functioning of your brain.

Doing research on the Internet stimulate aging brains more than reading a book according to Gary Small MD, director of UCLA Center on Aging.

Research at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Nashville showed people who drank fruit or vegetable juices has 76% less chance of getting Alzheimer's. Also study at the Turfs University by James Joseph PhD and University of Cincinnati by "Robert Krikorian Phd showed improved short-term and verbal memory for people drinking Concord grape juice or commercial blueberry juice.

A study at Rush University showed lonely people are the most venerable to Alzheimer's

Married people or those living with a partner have half the chances of getting cognitively impaired afte the age of 65

People with tooth and gum disease score lower on memory and cognition tests.

Taking vinegar curb appetite and lowers food intake preventing obesity and weight gain reduces chances of Alzheimer's indirectly by reducing blood sugar, insulin resistances, diabetes and pre-diabetes.

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