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10 Tips To Survive the Flu/Cold Season

Posted Jan 24 2012 10:15am



      Just how to you prepare yourself for the flu/cold season? Do you get a flu shot? I need to admit. I don't. I am a natural health sort of person, and take natural/healthy measure to guard myself during this time. So what can you do to prepare for the flu/cold season? Actually these principles can be used year round. I have provided 10 ideas/tips that I use for myself.

     1.  Good hand washing! There is NO substitution for good hand washing. I don't use antibacterial soaps. Just soap, water, and good hand washing techniques.  Lather up and wash with good friction for 15-20 seconds. Your hands has normal flora to protect the skin. Repeated antibacterial products strip your skin of this natural protector. Just make sure you are washing for at least 15 seconds. This is longer than you think!

     2. Don't fight it. Many times becoming sick is the body's way of saying it has had enough. So, instead of loading myself down with every OTC on the market to hide the symptoms, I have decided to allow my body to rest and recover. I do use essential oils and silver solutions though. (all natural)

     3. Drink plenty of fluids. Keep your body hydrated. I don't buy sugary fruit juices. Water, and herbal teas work for me. I love to drink herbal teas that support the immune system and those that have special properties to support whatever my body has need of.

     4. Rest, relax, rest, relax. This can be tricky is you are the caregiver of small children. This may be the time to call on family and friends for some help. Rest is needed for the body to recoup.

     5. Stay away from heavy foods. I allow my body some fasting time.I take good supplements including antioxidants to help my body's natural immune system. Fresh fruits and lite food. Nothing greasy or fried. Some people like to eat foods with hot spices, garlic or horseradish can help with congestion.

     6. I use essential oils with immune support properties both for inhaling, and applying as directed to areas like my chest if I have a head and chest cold. Aromatherapy is a great natural resource if you use therapeutic grade oils. Invest in a quality book on essential oils to learn about this ancient natural therapy. I have a recipe blend for "flu shot in a bottle", and I use this frequently and start it with the onset of any cold/flu type illness. I also have oils I use specifically to help improve my breathing!

     7. Set your TV channel to the spa station. They are always playing soothing relaxing music, and for me I like not watching intense movies at this time.

     8. Do not cough or sneeze into the air. Keep a supply of tissues and then you are reducing the spread. These type of viruses are so contagious.

     9. I love a NETI pot. If you don't know what this is, just do a Google search. You can find these at any drug store, and even Walmart. This is a nasal irrigation device. Use saline packets that can be purchased for the pot Follow the directions!. Also, if you have swollen nasal passages, you can use a drop or 2 of a certified pure therapeutic eucalyptus. This helps reduce nasal passages. Caution: Do no use tap water, and make sure you keep the unit really clean. 

    10. Eat as many raw foods as possible. These are packed with so many nutrients! I love green smoothies during times like this. So packed full of nutrition! Also, you can make really health vegetable broth by getting a large pot and placing lot's of healthy veggies like celery, onion, carrots, garlic, greens, and whatever you want to add!

     I don't give these tips as medical advice or suggest that you don't consult your physician. There are times medical intervention is necessary. Many times we just need to rest. Nature's store abounds with things to support us during times when we need to heal. I'm signing off now. Time to make some tea!

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