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10 Most Common Crystal Healing Stones

Posted Feb 24 2010 12:01am

A crystal healing stone is one that gives a therapeutic effect to an area of suffering or discomfort to a person.

common crystals

Effects of Crystal Healing Stones

The healing effects of crystals can affect mental, emotional, spiritual and physical ailments.   Different stones offer different healing attributes however, so be informed when you choose which healing stone is right for you.

Common Crystal Healing Stones

1. Amethyst – Is considered a Master Healing Crystal.   The healing properties of this stone are in the blood and in breathing problems.  It is also used to relieve headaches, even migraines.  Amethyst is worn to calm and balance the emotions, calm the nerves and help stop addiction.

2. Amber – Is used to absorb negative energy which is turns into positive energy. It is used for its calming effects and as a healing stone for joint disorders, stomach ailments, and spleen and kidney problems.  In previous years, physicians prescribed amber for heart problems, headaches and arthritis treatment.

3. Bloodstone – called ‘The stone of courage’, this stone is used to promote living in the here and now.  It is considered to be an intense healing stone which balances the base, navel, heart and sacral chakras.  The bloodstone purifies the blood, liver and kidneys and can speed up healing.

4. Turquoise – Is another master healing stone.  Is used to treat anorexia, depression, stress, high blood pressure, throat and lung problems, infections, the teeth, and TMJ syndrome.  Turquoise improves healing and immune functions of the body. Wearing turquoise is thought to improve communication skills and open up creativity.

5. Fluorite – This stone comes in many colors; yellow, blue, green, white, purple or a mixture of them.   The healing attributes of Fluorite are colds, flu, headaches, Herpes canker sores, staph and viral infections and cancers.  It is also used for ear, nose and throat problems.  This healing stone is useful in disorders such as insomnia and anxiety.   Carrying the stone can help to negate disruptive behaviors, anger and disorganization.

6. Jade – This stone is green in color, it has long been said that the shade of green can signify the health of the individual wearing it.  When worn by a healthy person it is a dark, deep shade of green.  Jade is soothing, it balances emotions, soothing them and aids a person after trauma, surgery and loss such as divorce, funeral, or the loss of a job.  Jade assists the body for self healing and is used for complaints of the heart, stomach and kidney.

7. Topaz – This stone comes in a variety of colors.  It is used to promote healing of the skin and wounds.  It is useful for diabetes and other endocrine disorders.  Topaz is used by those experiencing gallbladder and liver disorders.  This stone stimulates feelings of peace, love and joy.

8. Hematite – When used in direct contact with the skin, this stone can cause inflammation in some people, so test it before you allow prolonged contact.  It does have useful healing properties such as promoting the healing of bones, and spinal alignment.  Reducing leg cramps, insomnia and anxiety are other benefits.  Hematite stimulates the small intestine to absorb iron which improves the oxygen supply to the body.   This is considered to be a healing stone for the mind because it improves memory and stimulates mental acuity.

9. Sodalite – This stone is very useful for people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety.  Other healing properties include cleansing of the organs, improving metabolism and boosting the immune system. This stone is also used by people to combat digestive disorders and insomnia.

10. Tourmaline – This stone has many healing attributes.  It is helpful for people with asthma and lung disorders, arthritis, pain, swelling and immobility, low back pain, problems with the nervous system, neuralgias, migraine headaches, and constipation.  It is said to help neutralize feelings of resentment, obsession, neurosis, and fears.  Tourmaline can calm stress and anxiety.

Wearing Crystal Healing Stones

You can wear the stones as jewelry, or in a pouch worn around your neck on a string and tucked away inside your clothing.  You can also keep them loose in your pocket. Keep them with you to achieve the beneficial effects.

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