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10 Facts You Need To Know About GMO's Today!!!

Posted Feb 25 2011 2:01pm
  · GMOs are created through artificial geneticengineeringof plant DNA, usually through inserting animal genes into plants.
• Genetic "selection," in contrast, is a natural process whereby people plant seeds, generation after generation, from their crops that demonstrate desirable characteristics. This is how wheat, corn and other crops were     developed over centuries of seed selection.
• The GMO industry uses seed terminator technology to forbid seed saving and planting, thereby forcing farmers to buy seeds year after year (creating a seed monopoly and a single point of control for food).
• People who promote GMOs are engaged in crimes against humanity and crimes against nature. They        promote dangerous technologies that threaten the future of life on earth by causing genetic pollution and a sharp loss of
seed diversity.
• GMOs have been linked to at least
200,000 suicidesin India over the past decade due to failed crops. •   The GMO industry has financially taken over much of the mainstream media, politicians and science journals. They will not stop until they achieve complete control over the world food supply, enslaving humanity in a food monopoly.
• GMOs cause "genetic pollution" that damage other crops and ultimately threaten the reproductive viability of crops in the long term. The future of food is jeopardized by GMOs.
• The GMO industry is now attempting to brand all opponents of GMOs as "unscientific" by claiming that GMO = science, and therefore anyone who opposes GMOs is automatically an opponent of science.
• The GMO push into Europe is a confirmed conspiracy involving U.S. officials and GMO corporations, as       revealed in a Wikileaks cable that the mainstream media has still refused to report.
• The next great food famine (and mass starvation) will undoubtedly be caused by GMOs. And yet the industry claims that GMOs will
savethe planet from starvation! Only in a crooked, corrupt world could an industry claim to besavingthe world while actuallyenslavingthe world. 
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