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10 Celiac Disease Foods

Posted May 07 2010 10:52pm

Food determines a great deal in our lives. It determines whether we are healthy or unhealthy. It determines whether we feel good and energized or poorly and sluggish. For human beings, food is one of the top two requirements for our survival, with the other requirement being water. We cannot live without it, and if you have Celiac Disease, you may not be able to live well with food. There are 10 Celiac Disease Foods that you should eat, and a number of foods that you should avoid.

10 celiac disease foods

What exactly is Celiac Disease and how is it Affected by Food?

In the simplest of terms, Celiac Disease is a digestive disorder. The disease can affect children and adults. While people who do not have this disease can enjoy a wide array of foods, people who do have this disease must be very careful about what they eat. The fact that food is still needed for survival doesn’t change, but some foods can be dangerous if you have Celiac Disease.

Celiac Disease is also known as Gluten Sensitive Enteropathy. While it may sound very severe and serious, and it can be very serious if not treated properly, the only real treatment is to live with a gluten free diet. While this may sound like a hard thing to do, it really isn’t. It is just a matter of becoming more aware of what is contained in the foods that you consume, and avoiding those that have certain ingredients.

It is important to note that when we say ‘avoid’ foods, we mean to completely eliminate them from your diet. This may mean that you have to make major adjustments to the foods that you select, but this can be done with a little thought and determination. Those who have Celiac Disease will only make the condition worse by consuming the foods that become toxic within the body, resulting in even more serious health issues in the near future.

The Celiac Disease Foods You Should Avoid

Overall, any food that contains gluten should be avoided. If you have Celiac Disease, and you consume gluten, the gluten can actually become toxic in your body. This toxic condition does a great deal of damage to the small intestines, and when this happens, the bad foods that you’ve eaten cannot be properly absorbed. If you continue to consume these foods, other foods that are good for you may not be absorbed properly either.

While wheat products are considered healthy for most people, it is considered to be toxic and dangerous for anyone who has Celiac Disease. This includes all forms of wheat. Wheat products may be described on food labels as semolina, kamut, durum, einkorn, faro, or spelt. Additionally, a person with Celiac Disease should not consume Rye or Barley.

Processed foods that contain gluten in any form should also be avoided. Make absolutely certain that you are reading and understanding food labels and ingredients. Sometimes, the words that are used are a bit confusing – or words that you’ve never heard before. Make it a point to look those particular words up so that you are 100% sure of what it is that you are consuming before you consume it!

The 10 Celiac Disease Foods You Should Eat

1. Cheese – Cheese is full of calcium, protein, and vitamins that you need. If weight is a concern, choose processed cheese that is lower in fat, but make sure that no gluten has been added.

2. Beef – Beef is safe, but you will do better to purchase raw meat and prepare it yourself, and avoid convenience meals that contain beef, as gluten may be used.

3. Chicken – Chicken is also safe, but again, you will want to prepare the chicken yourself and avoid convenience foods for safety.

4. Pork – Pork can be consumed, but like chicken and beef, it should be prepared by you, instead of relying on convenience foods.

5. Fruit – Fresh fruit is ideal, but canned fruit and dried fruit can be consumed, as long as you make sure that no gluten was added in the processing.

6. Vegetables – Like fruit, vegetables are best purchased in their natural state – unprocessed. Processed vegetables can be consumed as long as you read the label to ensure that there is no gluten added.

7. Eggs – You can’t go wrong with eggs when you have Celiac Disease. This is a great source of protein.

8. Honey – Honey, in its most natural state, is a natural sweetener. Just beware of honey products that have been processed.

9. Oats – Surprisingly, may people that have Celiac Disease assume that they cannot enjoy oats. This isn’t true at all. You can eat oats, as long as they do not contain barley, wheat, or rye.

10. Wine – While there is a great deal of debate about whether beer can be consumed safely by those with Celiac Disease, it is widely agreed upon within the medical community that wine is safe for consumption.

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