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Mesa, Arizona
In 2006 I become an Ironman. In 2008 doing my third Ironman, I raced to the point of kidney and liver failure. I was given hours to live and yet here I am. I may get to train and race again in 2009. Stick around and find out. ‘Common Man Syndrome’ is a lazy and uninspired life.... Full Bio
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No higher praise...

The more I obsess over races/events for the year, the more I realize I am purposely avoiding finish lines. I would rather do something that is...

Ahead of the curve

As I have mentioned, Mistress was involved in a hit and run that totaled her van. So she is driving my newer car as I drive a borrowed 20 year...

Recovery vs. Planning

As I mentioned in yesterdays post Tweaking the Training , I have a pretty large training block in front of me, starting next week. I have no...

Tweaking the training

I have two challenging events coming up. Mid-April I am pulling all the safety tabs and redlining a 4.2 mile road race. My goal is to run as...

Happy St. Patricks Day: 2010

Hope you all have a good St. Paddies/ St. Patties (?) Day. I am doing the same thing I did last year. Nothing special. For those that do...

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