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Brookline, Massachusetts
I am a 20-something food blogger who aims to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  I take it seriously, but believe that in order to be succesful, I have to be able to laugh often and much.  I am a big advocate for diabetes, as I lost my dad after his lifelong struggle with Type I... Full Bio
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I have loved blogging here this last year, and as much as I’ll miss it, I am THRILLED to announce that I am now the proud owner of my own...

BIG NEWS(Possible total lunacy ahead).

First, Dottie, that one was for you. So, as I oh so casually mentioned in the title of this post I have BIG NEWS. Now, I know in the...

I’m Armed and Dangerous. And I Have Falafel.

This is my gun.  This thing is small, but don’t be fooled.  This thing has erased nearly half of my fingerprints. Yes, I know. The Paper...

Battle Gnocchi. Jenny: 2, Oven: 1.

What a day.  I’m wearing real jeans for the first time in over a year (and not jeggings because they’re the only things that don’t cut off...

Labels. Cookies. General Fabulousness.

Let’s talk about labels. They’re everywhere. We label ourselves and other people label us- fact of life, right? Heck, I label myself in my...
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