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WOW Challenge mode can get 516 purple equipment daily

Posted May 31 2013 3:46am

Challenge Mode as a new copy of Panda mystery mode, I believe that a lot of players on its way not to mention there are titles, mounts, the metamorphosis equipment as a reward. Recently, the official website of the United States serving players, why not made prior information on the film the challenge mode, this problem is the Blizzard Community manager Draztal of a positive response: In fact, the development team members 5 copies of the prior information on the film to join the challenge mode, although there is no timetable, but certainly under consideration.Access to equipment is more and more! Last week we introduced the heroic scene of the Battle of players will have the chance to gain 516 epic, as there is a sense the same is not high five the challenge mode also will usher in the 5.3 major changes - as long as you complete each the challenges of day-to-day tasks of the day, the same chance from the the Heroic Cache reward of Teasures out of WOW Gold.

Probably for the easy way, the reward of 516 equipment of all rewards are random attributes, we can take a chance. But the blizzard fairly kind, in addition to jewelry, players can out of all parts of the equipment. Playing the challenge mode, we can take the horse to take the metamorphosis of equipment, but also the entire 516 equipment is still relatively attractive. Hoping to see more and more players are added to the challenge mode in 5.3.
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