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Thunder authorities announced formally sign back Derek fisher contract to the end of the season

Posted Feb 26 2013 2:51am
Thunder official confirmed formally signed Derek fisher, the Eric - MeiNuo traded to the Portland trail blazers later, they need a third point guard. This is the old fish for the second consecutive time in the second half of the season to thunder, last season he played for the thunder and the regular season and playoffs and field. Earlier Nike Air Griffey Max 1 this season, Derek fisher had in Dallas effect, but only played nine games, and he in the face after a knee injury requirements and Dallas "break up", because he wants to return to Los Angeles home. According to the thunder reporter Royce - Yang revealed, old fish will wear 6 shirt, and last season he in the thunder in the squad number is 37. "We are very excited fisher can join again thunder, last season he in many aspects for the team made a contribution," thunder's price general manager said, "we are looking forward to once again he added to the squad." In addition, the thunder star Kevin durant's new push, "welcome back Derek fisher. "A (at wizards), we should not lose, we should not lose this (less than 50% of the team. We don't allow such things to happen, in dealing with such a team, we work should do better." The rockets after Nike Air Griffey Max 3.5 training, haddon said the rockets have the point "in the weak is not strong", they shouldn't have very low loss to losing hottie. At noon local time, 25, training, LinShuHao early leave, this time he is not twisted his ankle, but will take part in an activity. The rockets training fast to 2 point to open, and LinShuHao activity was happened in 2 PM, so he did not accept an interview to in a hurry to leave. According to the introduction of public relations, LinShuHao today condition is very good, he in Washington, d.c. has the flu already heal, looks very spirit. LinShuHao leave, haddon can't hide, after training, he just came, he was surrounded by the media. Haring combination, whether to have a talk, full beard today only accept interview. "Today the training well, yesterday we rest a day, come back today, a renewed energy, cultivate feeling. Quite good." Haddon said. Training today is the focus of the two new signing Robinson and Garcia to participate in training, this is they are traded to Houston Nike Air Max 2010 for the first time and after a team huddle. Asked about the genius of much attention has been paid to the new Robinson, haddon evaluation is very high, "he movement ability is very good, the body quality is good, can rebound, offensive rebounds very severe. I know he can bring energy, style comprehensive, hope he can in our team make various contributions." The rockets play last week before thunder sudden deal, let the rockets lost moment three rotary players, because of the new aid has not approved to play three games, the rockets appeared are understaffed condition, this lets them rotary broke away to the east a buoyant wizards. A reporter asked haddon rocket over the past three games are played very sweaty, is trying to push others to make more contribution to replace vacancy, haddon shook his head, "I don't know what is, new players to come, they today is the first day of training, we will see what will happen next. He to the current squad has the confidence, "I am the rocket has players have the confidence, today, we have made communication, the situation is good. We will use the existing team play well." The Nike Air Max 2009 vrockets common training, McHale is usually the first to speak, concise and comprehensive finish later, will step inside power room. But in the local time 25th noon, and is not so, his last interview. Today's training, he personally off to new genius Thomas Robinson did demonstration action, "the best-performing, he is looking forward to a new high sequence to the fastest speed into the team.
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