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should i be worried or make a doctors appt.

Posted by shari miller

I have IBS and have for years now, but in the last year I have been experiencing different pain and discomfort. I recently have a lump in my lower right abdomen about a quarter in size and even though i have always had bloating problems due to all the pop I drink, for a few months now i have experienced major bloating problems where my gut feel its going to explode. During these times a regular bowel movement is impossibe, but I do get the extreme urge to go only to pass bloody gel. The pain can get very severe and at times make me cry and I am high tolerance to pain. I do not like going to the doctor. The last time I went was to have the staples removed after my hysterectomy. Do you have any suggestions?
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He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors.

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