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Should I be concerned about thin stools, mucus (blood sometimes) and constipation?

Posted by KarenLL

Hi, thank you so much for reading this.  I posted something in the women's health forum but I am wondering if I should have just posted something here.  I had pelvic laparoscopic surgery (for endometriosis) 5 months ago and have been having serious pain and problems that are interfering my ability to lead a normal life.  Aside from swollen lymph nodes in my groin area, I have been severely constipated and it has gotten worse.  I should mention I carry the HNPCC gene and many of my relatives have passed away from colon cancer and been diagnosed at an early age.  Anyway, when I do go (usually only with the help of laxative or enema) my stools are thin and odd shaped ("boxy" for lack of a better term) and I have had a lot of mucus and a little blood with my stools.  I am just not sure if all these problems are resulting from the surgery or if they are signs of something more sinister.  I do need to schedule a colonoscopy because of my genetic predisposition to colon cancer but I am just not sure if these symptoms are something that I should be worried about or if I can postpone scheduling a colonoscopy for a month or so (I am defending my doctorate and looking to relocate).  
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