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Is this cancer?

Posted by Dusky

For the past ten days I have had constipation which is accompanied with gassy cramps mostly in the left abdominal region.  Six years I had a colonoscopy which showed nothing.  Over the past three years I also have had a CT scan and also three ultrasounds on my bowels and again they found nothing.  I am really scared that this most recent episode might be cancer.  My constipation is accompanied with pain but no black/tarry or bloody stools.  I have not lost weight nor do I feel tired.  I went to my doctor last week who says it is nothing but a moderate case of constipation, but I just feel it is not so this time.
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   Your symptoms says that  there is some problem with your stomach, it not mean that you have cancer there is various diseases like digestive track problem, colitis, gastrointestinal problem.


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