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coloectomy recipes

Posted by ritzi

My son-in-law recently had coloectomy surgery (partial) and we are having difficulty finding recipes that are not bland and will make him happy.  He gets very down and needs a pick-me-up to get him motivated to eat!  As an additional note - - he does noit have cancer (thank God)
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Certain dietary limitations are necessary prior to and following surgery, as well as for long-term health and fitness.Eat your food slowly, chew it well and then swallow. If the food is not consumed properly, then the person might face problems like diarrhoea.

you can expect to be offered only ice chips. The day after surgery, you may be provided a clear liquid diet, such as soup. You will then be offered other fluids and noticed by medical staff to see how well you accept such liquids.

1.During the second day post-, you may be provided smooth foods. Soft foods such as mashed potatoes or vegetables, pasta, eggs, yogurt and tender meat and fish are recommended.

2.Be aware that some foods may cause gas, bowel problems or diarrhoea, so your doctor may suggest including one food at a time back to your daily eating plan to see how well your body serves or adjusts to those foods. 
Clear liquids includes any clear liquids such as plain water, ice popsicles, broth and plain gelatin.Some acceptable foods include applesauce, bananas, boiled white rice, pretzels, toast, potatoes and yogurt,You may also benefit from high-fiber food options such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breads and cereals.
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