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I'm a simple, passionate 28 yrs old girl who's looking after goals and enjoy the path of life. My friends always told me that I'm too healthy to be a young girl. I don't have any bad habit, I eat healthy, I go to sleep early, I don't drink/smoke, I workout at least 5 days a week. I cook almost all... Full Bio
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Travel: Sofia’s first time in China

It was a delayed trip for Sofia, to meet all our relatives and friends. Delayed because she’s almost two years old and we just traveled to...

Travel: Flying alone for 20 hrs with a toddler

We’re BACK from a four-weeks long vacation in Shanghai, China. It was AMAZING!!! we came back 10 days ago but I’ve been super busy catching...

Life: week 6/16

Last week was a full week so by the end of it, I was exhausted!!! Not-want-to-get-up type of exhaustion. Maybe it was because I had to work...

My favorites

I’m playing along with a little survey that’s been making it’s way around the blogs Name your favorite… Person: Sofia and Star, no...

Life & Eats: week 6/9

Last week we re-started the life of two: Sofia and me. It went quite well. She’s in a stage that is so easy to be with, mostly reasonable,...

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Jan 27 2012 by Jud

hi coco im judith, im fron france . i live in beijing almost for 2 years and i learn tcm,acupunture moxibation and tuina massage, i see your post and i like the wei you spalin;

wath do you stady naw?

do you practice in usa?



Feb 04 2009 by Kathleen D.

I like your recipes!