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As a competitive swimmer and diver, I am focused on goals and not distracted neither by fears nor daunting challenges. I always conquer adversities, ever-changing schedules, and whatever obstacles I encounter. I also provide services for triathlons and advanced swim competitors. In addition, as a member of the UCLA 2008-2009 UCLA Swim Club team, I became a swim instructor for their 2008 Summer Camp. Most recently, I was elected as the UCLA Swimming/Diver Officer. My rich and vast... Full Bio
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Glossary of Swimming Terms Words Used to Talk about Swimming

The following are terms that will help you better understand articles about swim technique. While the list is not exhaustive, it covers many...

The heart rate response to swimming is more moderate than the response seen in dry land exercise

Important!!! The heart rate response to swimming is more moderate than the response seen in dry land exercise.. Warm-up: 250 to 400 meters...


Freestyle – Is the fastest and most efficient swimming technique Backstroke – Is the only stroke that is swum on the back, the swimmer...

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Jun 29 2009 by CoachKennedy

Swimmers Better to Do List:  10 Swimming Tips for Swimmers.

1.  Do swim frequently

2.  Do swim with proper technique

3.  Do drill apart of an everday workout

4.  Do challenging workouts

5. Do easy workouts

6. Streamline

7. Do leave the wall the same time everday

8. Do wear a competitive  swimming suit

9. Do ask someone to watch you

10. Use flippers aka fins


Jun 29 2009 by CoachKennedy

How many calories can you burn swimming in a hour?

Swimming does burn calories at a rate of about 3 calories a mile per pound of bodyweight. If you weigh 150 lbs. and it takes you 30 minutes to swim one mile (1,760 yards or 1,609 meters), then you will be using about  900 calories.



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