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I am interested in psychology, my own psychological healing, eating healthy, and getting back in... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Mar 23 2009 1:43am
The first message did not post completely, so here is the full information.  I'm... more
Apr 10 2009 2:34am
Kate, Thank you so much for giving a more complete answer.  I have worked with... more
Apr 10 2009 2:51am
Memory distortions are not a symptom of Antisocial Personality Disorder, but they may... more
Apr 10 2009 3:03am
From the information that I have, it does not list hearing problems related to... more
Apr 25 2009 4:41am
I am unable to tell if you are male or female because this makes a difference.  I have... more
Apr 25 2009 5:00am
Mild, Moderate, Severe, Profound and Unspecified more
Jul 19 2009 7:46pm
It depends on the dosage that you are taking.  You should work with your doctor about... more
Jul 30 2009 6:32am
This could be a sign of depression.  Is she taking her medications and seeing a... more
Jul 30 2009 6:35am
Possibly more
Jul 30 2009 6:37am
Generally, psychosis is losing touch with reality to some degree, such as disturbed,... more
Nov 24 2009 6:46am