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I am interested in psychology, my own psychological healing, eating healthy, and getting back in... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
I understand. I have had problems since I was a child and I'm 43 now. I have tried... more
Aug 19 2008 1:03pm
Fruit, 4 oz of low fat yogurt, 1/4 of my own trail mix, hummus w/veggies or baked whole... more
Aug 23 2008 1:11pm
I don't believe that unless you were treating Heath Ledger that you would be able to... more
Oct 12 2008 6:30pm
It is difficult to answer your question without more information.  I have seen both... more
Dec 20 2008 4:27am
I am so glad that you wrote about this.  Fantasies are normal and usually tell us... more
Dec 20 2008 4:53am
There are PET scans that show that the brain is less active in those that are diagnosed... more
Jan 03 2009 11:55am
Jan 02 2009 8:21pm
Yes, I agree with the advice.  It would be helpful for your to seek out professional... more
Jan 03 2009 12:00pm
Jan 02 2009 9:12am
No, that is not typical behavior, but there may be many reasons for this.  If you have a... more
Jan 03 2009 12:04pm
From Broadly... more
Jan 03 2009 12:29pm
Apr 09 2009 6:18pm
Psychosis can be a mental illness in itself or symptom of another mental or physical... more
Apr 09 2009 7:22pm