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I am interested in psychology, my own psychological healing, eating healthy, and getting back in... Full Bio
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Graduate School Progress

Well, I owe you an update.  I did go on my pre-interview at Argosy and it went well She seemed to really like me. I was able to be...

Homosexuality, Misconceptions & Hate

Here in California, many men were arrested for unlawful sexual activity. Many media outlets have had reports on this, "Lifeguards...

One big knot!!

I've not been writing as I have been having neck and shoulder pain from stress.  Doctor says, "that it is just stress and gave...

KONY 2012 filmaker Jason Russell is diagnosed with a Brief Psychotic Disorder

Most of you have heard about KONY 2012 filmmaker Jason Russell having some type of breakdown.  I found out today that he was...

Day by Day by DC Talks ~ Worship in Song

 Day By Day DC Talk I live a simple life I take a day at a time I spend my mornings with God Before I...

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Jul 04 2010 by bridget
Hey, :] I just wanted to say I love your poems... and the one written on Dec 1st, 1991 was 3 DAYS BEFORE i was born! :]
Jun 07 2010 by Clueless C.
Thank you tinyrachie. I'm glad that they helped you.  I actually took the videos from YouTube if you saw the ones in the post. I have a whole series of articles regarding BPD.  All you have to do is click on the right sidebar on the picture that says, borderline.
Jun 01 2010 by tinyrachie
Your borderline video's really touched me. I've recently been diagnosed with it and am having a hard time now that I'm understanding myself better. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make those videos.