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Every morning I write about the three best things that happened yesterday. The practice cheers me up and reminds me of the joys in small things. I hope reading Three Beautiful Things will help you take note of the tiny happinesses that make everyone rich.
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Cobwebs, excuse and you do it.

1. The hedge in Calverley Grounds is decorated with silvery grey cobweb platforms -- they look like abandoned dance floors. 2. I was going to...

Roots, independent and way back in.

1. One of my paperwhites has put down a few roots, following unknowable senses to the water below. 2. At toddler group, to watch Bettany across...

Off duty, skating and jigsaw.

1. Our friend the guide dog is having a carefree lollop in the park. She is skittish and when Alec runs after her up the bank she turns and nearly...

New game, craft and shoes.

1. While it is still dark Alec and I lie in bed together and whisper about things. I tell him that there is a new chapter of the tablet game ...

Noted, hostess and stuck.

1. To write a firm note in my baking book about how much we disliked working with muffin dough. It has no fat in it so it is horribly sticky (the...
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