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Every morning I write about the three best things that happened yesterday. The practice cheers me up and reminds me of the joys in small things. I hope reading Three Beautiful Things will help you take note of the tiny happinesses that make everyone rich.
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Helpful, conditions and red dress.

1. Suddenly Alec's helping is actually helpful. He cracks eggs with confidence and measures spoonfuls of sugar, baking powder and salt. 2. I...

Not, ride and whirr.

1. We decide that it's too hot to go to Hastings for fish and chips and a walk on the beach. It's a relief to make this decision, even if I was...

Afternoon off, collecting and storm.

1.  On our afternoon off we go out for cake and then have a nosey round the back of the High Street, following walls, slipping down alleys and...

Not needed, amble and worth the work.

1. Alec is at nursery, Bettany is sleeping, Nick is somewhere downstairs. I lie on the attic bed and realise that I am not needed by anyone and...

Stuck, steps and Pimms.

1. Stuart comes out and tells us that Alec and Anthony came scampering together into his workshop to tell him something important and urgent: that...
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