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Every morning I write about the three best things that happened yesterday. The practice cheers me up and reminds me of the joys in small things. I hope reading Three Beautiful Things will help you take note of the tiny happinesses that make everyone rich.
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No, up down and best face.

1. 'I just want you to know now,' I tell Alec as we close that garden gate, 'that I will not buy anything for you in town. No icecream, no sweets,...

Ice, listen and his version.

1. Bettany strutting about bandylegged with the stick of a Minimilk held firmly in her hand. 2. To put on my current audiobook, Caitlin...

Going ahead, bedtime story and Alec's beautiful things.

1. I went on ahead up the hill with Bettany in the pushchair, slowly and steadily, while Alec and Nick stopped for a look at the fire station....

Feeding the fish, watched over and lemons.

1. We have been deftly evading Alec's questions about feeding the fish (there is a sign asking us not to for the good of their health) when the...

BFF, bug hunt and conkers.

1. We are touring the new building at the nursery -- Bettany has been playing with Nick quite happily, and then she spots a member of staff that...
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