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Every morning I write about the three best things that happened yesterday. The practice cheers me up and reminds me of the joys in small things. I hope reading Three Beautiful Things will help you take note of the tiny happinesses that make everyone rich.
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Final curtain.

It's probably quite clear by now that I'm not going to keep my promise to 'come back in the New Year'. Thank you so much for your patience while I...

A short intermission.

Everything is exactly as it should be but various things have piled on and now I'm struggling to keep up. I'm going to take a break to give myself...

Good deed, all you wait for and something sweet to share.

1. To show Alec how very easy it is to do a small good deed -- we go to a toyshop and buy a little gift for the Mayor's Toy Appeal then take it to...

Steam, presence and name.

1. To watch steam swirling around under a glass pan lid. 2. I retrieve and comfort a furious wailing Bettany and manhandle an...

Trick, buttons and all down.

1. Alec finds a Christmas box and tells me I have to pretend I think it's full of chocolate (it's not, it's empty) so he can say 'TRICKED YOU!'...
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am miss precious,contact me back on this id there is something i want to share with u.
thank you.(

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