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CK Wilde

Mountain View, California
Early in 2005, I became my Dad's primary caregiver-- on top of working full time as a ... Full Bio
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Feb 21 2010 by CK Wilde


I tried voting for you today.  Wellsphere disabled the link. So I joined zinch.  Searched for you by your name. Nothing! This is really a marketing site. The CEO is a marketing exec. All the other managers are students in college, except for the guy who dropped out in his freshman year at Princeton. (Oh his mother must be crying!)Have you looked at This is a non-profit and is legit in helping students get noticed for full scholarships by really great colleges.

Feb 17 2010 by Momma Risko  Please vote for me! I'm a finalist for a $20000 scholarship and in order to vote/comment you have to either make an account on (which would be helpful to your son as well) or use "f connect" which has something to do with facebook, I think. Your help will be appreciated! Thanks!
Feb 06 2010 by Momma Risko
Thanks for all the help. You reply to just about every one of my questions. Oh, by the way, I thought I'd tell you that you look like my home economics teacher from middle school. Every time I see your picture it reminds me of her. Don't take offense to it though, she is pretty, unlike most teachers around these parts. haha
Dec 01 2009 by Dr. Nagaraj

Hello Wilde,

I loved your blog. I am full time Cancer Researcher. My blog is about Cancer and Therapeutics. Please go through my blog and Vote for me to win Peoples Health Blogger Award.

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,


Nov 03 2009 by Momma Risko

Thank you, and yes, I have AP classes as well. It's worth it because I do learn mucho (I'm in Spanish 2 and Theatre 2 as well!), so it's a lot of studying and memorization. I'm often left braindead by the time I make it to bed. So you may be right, although it's hard on school nights to manage extra-curriculars, homework, and daily exercising AND trying to get in bed by 9:00.

Apr 16 2009 by bridgewater2012
I had a rapid strep test done at school and it came back negative. Later I noticed that my tonils were a yellowish white color, and my tounge was also white. I also was a little congested. The nurse told me to take pain medicine and get plenty of sleep. Should I go somewhere else and have another test done?
Aug 18 2008 by Lela D.

Constance, thanks for the heads up today. We'll work on that. Very interesting blog concept. Wow, what a lot of work. You are not alone in that multi- care giving role.