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Shark: this life the most respect the magician players should be read into three NBA again

Posted Jan 18 2013 2:02am
According to the NBA's official website reported that since the league ban high school students to enter the draft, a freshman since after they came into the league has almost become young players in the practice of widely used. But the big shark "shaq doesn't agree with this. In an interview today, o 'neal said in junior college player should then into the league. "A lot of people choose to freshman year after they came into the league, the reason is that their economic situation is not Cheap Lebron 9 very good, they need to do so (can improve economic conditions), only in this way, they can improve the family income," o 'neal said, "so, from the aspects of words, I can understand that." But o 'neal says, if let he decided, he will change rules, may let the player in the junior then to draft. And in 1992 as the no. 1 pick in the league status of shaq, was the same in the draft after three. He suggested that the left very early university came into the league players, even become a professional player, should also be in the union use of spare time to go back to school to learn, to finish their study. He said, the key is not how much they can earn, but that they can leave much. O 'neal recalled that in Louisiana state university three years of his life is the best of three years. 1992 identity as the no. 1 pick in the league, o 'neal in about half an hours spent 1 million dollars. But he soon realized that his is not wise to do so. After that, he continued to study, not only to return to the campus finishing college, but also for further study after obtaining his doctorate. Constantly learning to his business of great help. Now, o 'neal has 42 fitness club and 155 hamburger restaurant. "I want Cheap Lebron 9 Shoes to let them know that they are in and a businessman to do business, and not an athlete in business," o 'neal said, at the same time, he thinks that let his six children "see my education and change" will be conducive to the growth of children. In addition, shaq also believe that, as a sports star, they should set an example for young people, to be yourself, "a lot of people is an example of the others, but many people are duplicity, the composition of loading, so you can hear others after the confession. But I can't, you see I am true I. To me, the real is my image." "I think you have no choice," o 'neal said, "I think we (athletes) have social responsibility to do the right things, tell the truth, behave with decorum. When asked who the most respect, o 'neal talked about the "magic" Johnson, he said: "the magician both on and off the behavior" under the influence. When o 'neal eighteen years old, the magician told him, "you will never engaged in sports, so learning is very important." At the same time, o 'neal said, the mavericks owner mark Cuban was and Donald trump is very shrewd businessman. Nash to the lakers' help be obvious to all, dandong, adjustment also received some effects to the lakers, tomorrow, the most important thing is to control error, completes the defense, only do these two points, they can have Cheap Lebron 9 Low more win may. Miami with victory over the golden state warriors found ways to win away feeling, but they this season on the road only 9-9 negative performance. Lebron to 25 points beyond kobe Bryant became the youngest ever 25000 points Sir, tomorrow he will play more aggressive, he will give the lakers' defense bring more impact. Miami needs not only lebron has a good performance, wade, bosh are on the offensive to lebron support, especially bosh inside to play more aggressive. Because with the lakers, compared to Miami the insider disadvantage, bosh must bring enough damage to the opponent. Check the moss to attack must be a good news, Allen in world war I and the warriors have a good performance, shane battier (micro bo) today also is back. Check moss and Allen 3-pointer will become Miami against the lakers' powerful weapon, and battier defensive will be restricted Bryant attack good weapons. In the regular season two teams in their own home win equal 1 flat. In the last ten times home game against Miami, the lakers eight wins and two negative, in staples center they against Miami record is 9-4 negative. Clark is very good to act as a blue-collar, this role is not really suitable for gasol, continuous Lebron 9 Shoes Cheap truce after he can use more strong evidence of his performance? Clark's give prize let the lakers more and more close to pau gasol, the Spanish people need most is hit hardness and strength, and he will and Howard to dominate together team win, this can let oneself more likely to stay in Los Angeles. Has the lakers legend horry criticized the Howard is always smiling performance, this Howard response is: "I smile, that doesn't mean I do not take the game." Say what is not important, the most important still is Howard's reaction.
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