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Posted Nov 14 2012 7:00pm
Got a private email. follows ;
I would pass along a story. Nothing official has come out, but I have inside sources with multiple federal and state agencies in LA. But a deer or multiple deer, not sure which, from a CWD positive pen in PA was moved to a pen somewhere around Lake Charles, LA. The deer may have been moved to at least one other pen in LA, and possible one in MS as well, but no one really knows. There are supposedly 150 deer at the pen in Lake Charles that were quarentined and killed and they are now trying to figure out how and where to dispose of the carcasses. Everything is very sketchy and grey right now, but it is now possible that CWD could have spread to 1 or 2 more states. We shall see in the next few weeks if any kind of official press release comes out...end
so, I gave the Pa dept of ag a call. this is the kind reply I got. ...tss
From: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 4:03 PM
To: ''
Subject: Deer information
Terry - The animal moved on a certificate of veterinary inspection prior to the discovery of the positive CWD herd in Pennsylvania. Louisiana animal health authorities are investigating the movement of this deer that was epidemiologically linked to the index Pennsylvania herd, into their state. We are awaiting their response.
Since the announcement of CWD positives in Pennsylvania there are no states permitting the movement of imported Pennsylvania deer and the Department of Agriculture is not permitting the movement of any deer into the commonwealth.
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture | Press Office 2301 North Cameron Street | Hbg PA 17110 Phone: 717.787.5085 | Fax: 717.787.1039
I thank the Dept of Penn Ag for that kind reply and information.
I pray that CWD has not been transported to Louisiana from Pennsylvania, via the great escape of CWD 2012 into Pennsylvania from captive game farming. ...tss
Tuesday, November 13, 2012


AFTER posting this, i got an email, from the Son of the Father that owns said game farm in Louisiana that is now under quarantine. sadly, the day before the farm was quarantined, his Father fell out of a tree and was killed in a hunting accident. my condolences goes out to the family at this difficult time. but this nightmare just keeps getting worse. here is what the Son told me, i cannot confirm any of the following, other than the Son told me this over the phone. Louisiana refuses to comment publically about this mess $$$ ;

spoke with Donald Hodge Jr. today on his Dads farm. his Dad just passed recently (see below).


it seems that several deer from Pennsylvania CWD exposed herd, or cohorts, were brought to Louisiana via Donald Hodge Sr. 6 deer were transported from PA to LA by Mr. Elmer Fisher, and the truck driver was Dustin Miller. here is where the story gets a bit tricky. seems there are NO records of the deer actually ever arriving at Donald Hodge Sr.’s Farm. seems that they were suppose to go to Lafayette Louisiana, but, seems he had a silent partner, a Jarrod somebody? the son was not sure. the son said that from his fathers notes (that’s all they had to go by), these 6 deer from PA never reached his farm, even though his Dad signed for them. the 6 deer were never logged into inventory, there were no tags, no micro chips from them found. the Dept. of Ag took soil samples. to date, the son said everything at his Dad’s farm is negative. now here is where the story gets even more fishy. the location changed from Lafayette Louisiana , to a location of an unregistered hunting club, or shooting pen, as he called it, and there was some attempted deal between the silent partner, and the delivery driver, to bring the 6 deer to this shooting pen in the area of Slidell Louisiana instead. the driver was offered $1,000. to take the deer there. but he refused, so evidently, the silent partner set up a meeting place, where another trailer was brought in, and the deer were then boxed up, and sent to this shooting pen up around Slidell Louisiana, somewhere along the Mississippi border. that is where the trail runs cold for these 6 deer from PA. the Donald Hodge Farm in LA, has about 160 cervids. NONE have been slaughtered or tested to date, and are being fed, and they are under quarantine. seems in Louisiana, there are no requirements for IN STATE movement of cervids, from what Jr. told me. Donald Jr. told me the Dept. of Ag says there are two options if these 6 deer are not located.


1. kill the whole herd


2. Quarantine for 5 years.

Donald Jr. told me he could not afford to quarantine for 5 years.


seems right now, everything is in a holding pattern by the Dept of Ag, until they can locate the 6 deer from PA.

the Son told me that he was told there is NO indemnity program if they slaughter the deer.


It’s really a sad situation. Donald Hodge Sr., died Oct. 16 in a hunting accident, and Oct. 17 his farm was quarantined, and the family is beside themselves to say the least, as you can understand.

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