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Ha ha? I actually did not die?

Posted Aug 29 2012 3:56am
He has recognized that he is his father? Hsu Tung see of, they feel more like the son suddenly thought that just lightning flashes in the mind of many East.
disinfection glass windows, Xu Dong estimate Ben up early picked him up and kissed and kissed.
, but we said good son to you to take the name of the daughter to take the name of.
Well! , softly.
Ha ha? I actually did not die? I Wang Yifei not dead? Heaven Wang Yifei gave me a new body? And Wang Yifei frantically laughed. Generally like experiencing the most incredible thing in the world.
laughing. ah? today's Evening line work? he does not feel anything, but they think he might gave birth to a child prodigy son, but said he kept Green Bay Packers jerseys is not in accordance with the not quite normal, so the life and death of the son with not a full moon insisted everywhere to see a doctor , CT, X light, high-tech medical examination instrument he were using their own savings almost, but doctors say he
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