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Book hao 10 points 6 assists the rockets lead midway haddon 17 points griffin 12 points

Posted Jan 17 2013 8:35am
The rockets at home against missing Chris Paul of the clippers, rely on the James haddon single section 14 points in the first quarter performance, the rockets over 29 - and lead a minute. After the second quarter, according to the conventional personnel rotation, LinShuHao with substitute and the clippers in the bench the gangsters PK. The book is a breakthrough came up house keys hit, and then after assists Douglas and Greg Smith score, especially assists Smith's ball, book Howe Cheap Air Foamposite One along the arc from right to left hand a dribble, suddenly left, a record from one pass, Smith unwind dunk inroads. The clippers have grant hill and crawford these experienced veteran, by experience and the rockets that help young people fight, two teams score has also been ankylosis. The second quarter with 5 points 41 seconds, the rockets outside suddenly under the three points, the rain delfino, LinShuHao, parsons, then LinShuHao, 4 remember three-pointer moment will score gap opened some, unfortunately, the end of the book house a 3-pointer for on line is become two points. But crawford immediately stood up and he scored seven points to help the clippers after the score. The second quarter, the two teams get 30 points, at half-time, the clippers - 59 still lag behind a points. The rockets half-court shot 50%, haddon 17 points and rebounds, three assists Lin hao book ten points 6 assists, and the second quarter performance especially well, parsons 9 points, made five points, seven rebounds, The clippers shot 51.3%, griffin 12 Nike Zoom Rookie LWP points and four assists, brad line 10 points, substitute crawford 15 points. In the second half, however, a sudden change in the situation. Griffin come up in the face of patterson (micro bo) into 2 + 1, small Jordan then also fill in two runs, brad SuoLianXu get 5 points, the clippers play the rockets a wave of ten than 0, the score was put moment. The arrow shouted pause to think countermeasures, stop back parsons two breakthrough success, made in the basket, and secondary attack into one, but the rockets can't stop the clippers attack. Willy - green continuous two record a 3-pointer, and then in a fast break, his hands of dunk also caused the haddon foul, it is a 2 + 1, points difference has been widening. Single quarter, green got 11 points. After three, the clippers 90-77 lead 13 points. Griffin 19 points 6 assists, brad line 17 points 6 rebounds and assists, the clippers array in five players in double; Book hao is still ten points 6 assists, haddon this section got only two points. The rockets are not without counter-attack, the second half of the third quarter, parsons MAO three points, Douglas assault layup, the rockets will point spread narrowed to 13 points. But the adiZero Rose 3.0 fourth quarter, the rockets made the slow problem, they are crawford continuous 5 wave attack inroads, one of his person in less than 3 minutes time, continuous off (the 12 points, points gap to twenty points, the game has been made, this verdict, because the second half of the crash, the rockets finally lost at home. In order to restrain griffin play, McHale today to the starting lineup to make the adjustment, patterson (micro bo) to return to the starting line-up, the rockets to the clippers war a toe, opening haddon and patterson continuous MAO in three points, the rockets to get ahead. Although the rockets still cannot open the points difference, but most of the time always with weak lead, green jumper inroads, haddon immediately in the MAO again three points, the rockets leading 3 points. Griffin dunks, the clippers win once, but LinShuHao layups help the rockets win again. The first quarter last 2 1/2, haddon take over the game, he sent the ball to hit a 3-pointer morris, and use of breakthrough and penalty scored four points, crawford's adiZero Rose 2.0 layup 2 + 1 will be the first quarter score locking in the and than 29, the rockets with a narrow lead.In and patterson (micro bo) PK process, griffin is real experience, especially in the position after the war, his low offensive efficiency high special, whether it be turned into pitch, or points ball to peripheral teammates, patterson is helpless. In the pass, griffin is very grab an eye, the four assists, it seems that Paul is not he is visiting up the role of the organizers.
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