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San Francisco, California
I grew up in the high-tech industry, gravitating toward marketing and business building. My brother and I bought a small supplement company in 2002 (became Our Health Co-op). As the CEO, I'm responsible for strategic relationships (consultants, integrative physicians and practitioners,... Full Bio
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Hormones as Anti-Aging Supplements: Pregnenolone, DHEA & Melatonin

Being in an industry that is filled with marketing charades, we are biased toward being cautious, and, thus, are never going to be the first ones...

Garlic, Vitamin C & Potential Cancer Protection

How do you assess your risk for cancer? How do you assess the protective anti-cancer compounds in your body? What if you could assess some basic...

Rosemary Improves Memory & Reduces Carcinogens in Grilled Meat

Rosemary grows easily in California and also in Spain, where I spent time as a Russian linguist in the Navy in the mid-1980s. Alas, I'm dating...

Emotions Affect Us at the DNA Level

Gregg Braden has a pleasant voice, sports longish gray hair and a neat graying beard, and has enjoyed a big career spanning the petroleum and...

Health, Humor & HTML: Adventures in growing a family business online

I've long thought about writing a book about the Co-op. First, I wanted to write a fun little piece called, "Notes to the Kat,"  detailing the...

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