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From Oslo, Norway, born in 1972. Profound hearing loss at the age of 1, probably due to ototoxic medicine or scarlac fever. Now waits for CI-operation running on the third year. Write about the Norwegian health-system, myself and my mental and physical status during the long wait. Expected to be... Full Bio
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Combining gene-therapy and CI? Hmmm, interesting!

Maybe this could have cured or lessened the impact of the tinnitus that I have too? Too bad this kind of research takes ages….

Starting a new blog–in Norwegian

I will not kill this blog, there is too much good stuff and loads of information on it. I might even write more if anything significant crosses...

Another chapter…

Right now I’m writing from my temporary new home: Ål Folkehøyskole. I’m in the process of learning Norwegian sign language. This stage of...

Hørselstap – sorg og aksept, stress og mestring

Hvorfor jeg ikke fant denne artikkelen før nå er merkelig, men til tross for datoen er den fortsatt meget aktuell. For my English readers a...

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