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I am currently on disability from my job due to Cervical Dystonia.  In additon, I have Grave's Disease and a few other health issues. I enjoy reading and writing short stories.       
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Segment on Dystonia to be Featured on OWN

Dystonia to be featured on OWN, Feb. 2:

Woman Went Many Years With Undiagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis

View story about a woman who went undiagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years at: ...

Diet and Thyroid Cancer

Interesting story about diet and thyroid cancer ...

Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Has Grave's Disease

Kudos to talk show host Wendy Williams for sharing that she has Grave's Disease. Williams appeared on The Doctors, yesterday.

Theraband Exercises for Cervical Dystonia

Theraband Exercises for Cervical Dystonia

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It seems we run in some of the same circles. Are you a member of these groups you posted about? I’ve known Dawn for several years, belong to the ADS and am friends with Noel Valero. I also have a Yahoo support group for ST/CD called The ST Zone. I wonder if you and I have crossed paths along the way. My real name is actually Tom, but I put Wally down as my username for some reason. I saw your post and just signed up that day to respond. I hope the info on the ST Clinic helped. Best, Tom