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Specialty: Psychiatry
Va Beach, Virginia
Everyday the core science of psychiatry is changing dramatically - from brain imaging to molecular and cellular physiology and immune dysfunction. Brain and body evidence encourages more precise intervention strategies - from ADHD to dementia. Please also join me at CorePsych Blog for regular... Full Bio
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Dec 01 2009 by torikenzmom
Hi, My daughter, 13, has struggled for years but we have yet to find a good psychiatrist.  They say she is complex but still have not found the right meds. - ADHD, anxiety, OCD, ODD, possible bipolar.  Do you know of a good psy. doctor near us?  I think this new med-intuniv might work for her.  We are also looking to put her at Meridell, but very expensive.  Do you know of any other place? Thanks, Amy 
Jul 01 2008 by Lela D.
My name is Lela and I'm the moderator for the Healthy Eating communities!  I hope you'll find all the tips and tricks here to make your everyday choices easier and tastier!  Thanks for joining us and please let me know how I can help.  If you have ideas for things you'd like to see here, let me know that too.
Glad to have you,
Jun 28 2008 by Sarah U.

Looking perfect is no excuse for lack of exercise routine - I do not see it listed here - must be an oversight for sure  ;-)


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