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I'm a 27 year old woman. I love travelling, meeting up with friends, trying out a new recipe, working on my career and have a lot of ambitions and ideas, but a chronic disease called ankylosing spondylitis together with hip arthritis make it sometimes difficult to combine. I'm sharing the... Full Bio
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The bucket list.

In 2008, when my brother was treated for cancer, I saw the film The Bucket List.  This film is about two guys in their 60s, who are...

I used to be..

I used to be scared to talk about my health, but I'm not anymore. I used to be afraid to plan ahead, but I'm not anymore. I used to be...

Things we forget

A thought on a sticky note.

Health Madlib Poem

All in great went my sleep trying on a careful step of small into the old notebook. damaged bittersweet knowledge ed few and ing...

If only.. there was a miracle cure

A new study claims green tea with ginger, cinnamon and red pepper, topped with hot milk foam could be a powerful weapon against rheumatism –...

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