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Medical Malpractice Caps Rest With Florida... It has been reported that the Florida Supreme Court will determine if legislature ratified in 2003, ...
Apr 19 2012 6:20am
Does anyone else suffer from both prolapsed... Hi, I was diagnoiced with both prolapsed bladder and uterus.  I am 32 now and the DR. said I don't n ...
Feb 14 2011 8:55pm
Try physiotherapy, it can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles that help keep... more
Mar 28 2012 1:54pm
im a 9year colonrectal survivor with bone loss... im 41years old took 25treatments of radiation,9months of 5-fu chemo. 5operations, 2different colosto ...
Sep 11 2010 1:59pm
are you a cancer survivor from colonrectal cancer too, with colostomy? more
Sep 21 2010 4:06pm
Ongoing nerve pain in both legs for 6 months HELP For six months now I've been dealing with non stop parathesia in both my legs mostly my left leg.. ...
Aug 08 2010 5:50pm
Sounds a lot  like RSDS but in both legs. What tests have you had besides having your... more
Nov 14 2010 1:10pm
Survey for Chronic Pain Sufferers Hi We are conducting a survey among patients, physicians, social media and regulatory exper ...
Jul 25 2010 11:33pm
Surveys I found a survey about shingles and thought some of you might find it interesting.  You can check it ...
Jul 15 2010 11:09am
Video Hey all! Here's a video I thought you might be interested in about Painful Bladder Syndrome.  Y ...
Apr 26 2010 11:54am
right rib pain  Hi all 1st let me say I have broken ribs in the past and this may be just that, but have changed do ...
Mar 20 2010 10:34am
I cannot comment on your Doctor's thinking, as they already removed my gallbladder. ... more
Mar 29 2010 9:11pm
Possile Help for Painful Bladder Syndrome Since pain is one of the many symptoms of IC, I thought some of you might be interested in a clinica ...
Mar 01 2010 12:48pm
Would be interested in any help for bladder pain. After 7 day intravenous treatment in... more
Mar 30 2010 10:35am
EXCRUTIATING PAIN This is the second time I've had this pain in two months.  It starts with a slight pain on my righ ...
Nov 09 2009 11:39am
Have you considered acute intermittent porphyria?  You might want to read about it and... more
Feb 19 2010 7:29pm