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X-ray Wednesday...

Posted Jun 04 2009 10:45pm

So I had my x-ray on Wednesday and the good news? NO alien baby growing in my spine! Oh and also my leads haven't shifted (but frankly, it was the alien baby I was concerned about).

Anyway, I was expecting Dr. A would show me the x-rays on one of those backlit screens but he actually just used his computer. After that, I took the elevator a million floors down to medical records (I think I ended up on the 3rd circle of hell) and did my best to charm a very nice lady into putting my x-rays onto a cd. Somehow it worked. Then, DH took the images and worked a little magic to enable me to post them here. Basically, I had nothing to do with the process but I'm going to take all the glory.

In the image above, you can see the paddle (the dotted thing in the center of my spine). It's a 16-electrode paddle but is called a 5-6-5 specified lead because of the way the electrodes are organized on the paddle. The paddle was fitted at T9-T10 and, as I've previously mentioned, they had to cut away bone to do this (I'm going for drama here). You can also see the two leads coming off the paddle. Here's a close-up....

I had no idea the leads were in such a jumble back there. Although, I did feel pretty jumbled after the surgery. You can also see a little bit of the cable connection down at the bottom left of the picture. Here's a side-view..

And another side-view of my whole spine. This one was taken with me in a fetal position on an obnoxiously hard x-ray table...

And then there's this little ditty...

This image was taken while I was in surgery. Luckily, Dr. A and his little minions remembered to take that clampy thing off.

Dr. A did say that when comparing the image taken during surgery to my new images, the paddle looks like it sits a little higher in the spine but he said that may be attributed to a difference in how the images were taken. Even if the paddle is higher, he said not to worry because my stimulation pattern has not changed. He thinks the funny popping feeling I'm experiencing may be fibrous tissue which has grown over the area. It's still an icky feeling but at least I don't have to freak out about it.

So that's it for my x-rays. I hope these images will be helpful to those of you considering a stimulator and those of you who are about to embark on a trial or permanent implant surgery (as a side note..these images were only of my thoracic region and do not show the battery).

Ok..gotta go to bed. DH is whining.

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