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Why Evernote Is My Favorite App To Keep My Health Organized

Posted Nov 12 2012 10:00am
PinExt Why Evernote Is My Favorite App To Keep My Health Organized

evernote1 Why Evernote Is My Favorite App To Keep My Health Organized

us to share a favorite health app today.

Lisa Copen

Evernote, found at is my favorite app for everyday use. It is an app you can download to your desktop computer, your mobile device, whatever and it all syncs in the cloud immediately. This means that I am able to access everything via my ipad that I have ever written. Or I can start working on paperwork for my doctor via my computer and then finish up in the waiting room at his office and email it to the receptionist to print out for him.

It is a free app to download at or $5 per month if you need a lot more space. It has the ability to “read” (search and find) any word in a .jpg (photo) or pdf as well, but this requires the $5 fee. And it reads handwriting–really well. Even my son’s handwriting can be read. Now, it is so much easier to clean off my desk. And although it has notebooks to hold your “notes” in, you can enter any word in the search box and within .5 of a second it is giving you the results.

You can also include video files, audio files, and pictures. So, for example, if you are sitting at the doctor’s office and see an article you like, you can snap a photo and keep it in Evernote and later search through your files to find it quickly. You can also install a button on your search browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox) and “clip” any page to be sent directly to Evernote. And you will receive a free Evernote email address so whenever you send anything to that email, it automatically goes to Evernote.

Evernote has been called “a backup for your brain” and yes–I need one!

Here are some of the ways I use this app:

  • I use Evernote for nearly everything that does not require formatting. For example, all of the devotionals I write, every article, all my notes for books–everything.
  • I keep more accurate records of phone calls, dates, etc. A twenty-minute phone call with the insurance company can result in a whole lot of scribbled notes on a pad of paper, but within seconds I can take a photo of my notepad, toss the note, and now have it all there the next time I call back to see what progress is made.
  • I take notes in Evernote, for example, if I am at a conference, and when there is something on the overhead, I just snap a photo of the screen to include with my notes.
  • I have scanned in hundreds of pages of with a Doxie scanner , so my son’s school pictures and all kinds of paperwork. This helps me find things much quicker. Questions I am asked like “when was your cat last vacinnated?” or “What was the name of the specialist who treated you in 2009 when you were in the hospital?” seem much less daunting. In just a few seconds I can locate exactly what I need.
  • I save files such as emails I want to archive, quotations, statistics and other items that are easy to find.
  • I have all my contacts listed so I have one place I can find any name. Last year after Christmas I snapped photos of loved ones, included their addresses, and now I have a nice contact database.
  • I keep all my lists in Evernote, for example, a checklist of what to pack for a trip, goals, maps, etc.
  • Whenever I finally figure out something that has stumped me, like an error message on the computer, I save the information I found. The next time it happens and I don’t remember how I fixed it, I can find it more easily.
  • My registrations for products I have purchased, receipts, and more.
  • For every item I read on a computer and think, “I may need this someday” that goes to Evernote where it is easy to find and doesn’t take up much space like it can in email folders.

I started using Evernote, after reading about it for some time on Michael Hyatt’s blog. He is an extremely busy guy (he was the former CEO of the Christian publishing house, Thomas Nelson Publishers) and he is very organized. When he went on and on about how valuable it was, even attending the Evernote conferences (known as “trunk shows”) I paid attention.

Evernote is one of the hottest and fastest growing apps out there, which means that other software programs are jumping on and making their apps compatible with Evernote so they will have increased value. You can see all the apps that use Evernote here in “the Evernote Trunk” .

How does this help me with my health? you may ask. It keeps everything in one place. I snap photos of the the pill bottles when in a hurry, I can find anything quickly, I can make sure that it is always accessible when I am anywhere if I have my ipad (like the doctor’s office!) I don’t have to ever wonder, Did I put that in a text file or Word? Where did I file that? I don’t have to go through piles of mail and paperwork to look for that one important letter. I can snap photos of receipts of purchases I make and then not worry about losing those receipts. At the end of the year I can just print them all out.

I understand not everyone can afford an ipad. It was a splurge for me and my costs are $15 a month for the service. But it has been invaluable. I have an inexpensive pay-as-you-go cell phone so I had no access to be able to look up my medical history and such when my doctors ask for information. Now it is at my fingertips. If you are interested in a mobile device, the mini ipad is now out and every time new ipads come out, many people sell their used ones for quite a discount. It may be worth putting on your wish-list for the future.

And yes, my desk has never been clean for this many months in a row (seven and counting!). I have gone as paperless as I can and Evernote has made it possible. It is a great app that really does seem to be a “back up for my brain.” And my brain needed that. I currently have 4,513 files in Evernote.

lisa spaceonbottom Why Evernote Is My Favorite App To Keep My Health Organized

Lisa Copen shares “I blog to inspire, to risk, to confess. To remember, to anticipate, to grieve. I write to rediscover, to get a grip, to nourish. As as one of the first health advocates with a Christian focus, online since 1996, I find joy in sharing the emotional and spiritual struggles –and blessings –with others who cope with chronic illness. My goal is to help others turn their detours of illness into a pilgrimage of hope.”
Lisa’s book Why Can’t I Make People Understand?: Discovering the Validation Those With Chronic Illness Seek and Why is a wonderful journey through the emotional struggles we have about the misconceptions of those with chronic illness and how we should feel as well as we look. “It’s life-changing!” #NHBPM
pixel Why Evernote Is My Favorite App To Keep My Health Organized
PinExt Why Evernote Is My Favorite App To Keep My Health Organized
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