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Why do my upper thighs ache while sleeping?

Posted by dj

My upper thighs ache when I am sleeping at night.  The pain will awaken me from sleep.  It's a throbbing achey pain feeling in one or both upper thighs.  I seem to only have this pain while sleeping.  I have to lay on my side with my legs bent as close to my body as I can or I lay flat on my back with my knees bent and my feet close to my butt.  This seems to ease the pain some, but not completely and it keeps me awake.  What are your thoughts?
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I FEEL FOR YOU, I WISH I KNEW!! I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. I have had this pain for about 3 weeks, finally went to the DR., TOOK EX-RAYS and the results came back pinching nerves!! wrong--i checked pinching nerves- none of the systems. I go for follow up tomorrow. will keep in touch...
I too have had the same problem for months now.  I asked my GYN doctor and she said it is probably caused by a lack of potassium and/or calcium.  If it continues, I'm going to ask for more tests to be done as I can't afford to keep waking up at night.
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