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Why do I still have swelling in my ankle and pulling in my calf after thigh lift surgery 3 months ago?

Posted by ginnied

I had the inner thigh lift 3 months ago, wore the pressure garment, now scars look good, one leg is great, no problems but the other leg has pulling in the calf and bottom of foot, with tingling and some swelling in the ankle.  I had a DVT test it was fine.  My doctor says wear the compression stockings.  I have for 2 months. I can't wear anything but flats, I was an avid high heel wearer.  This is very depressing.  If I try to go w/o compression stocking for very long, ankle swells and I get the pulling in the calf.  I was very active and happy, now I am just so scared about this leg, that it won't get better. I have gone to PT for stretching and exercising but I don't notice any improvement. 

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